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Psb has always been a company that values its employees and strives to improve its employees and add innovation since the first day they joined Psb. For PSB, the skills and motivation of the individual employee are the factors that determine the true competitive advantage of the company and they also form the basis of the entire human resource management system. It is therefore important for each individual to take direct responsibility for their own personal and professional development by making the most of the cutting-edge training initiatives and skill-specific career paths offered by the company.

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The psb offers professionals, recent college graduates and students unique opportunities in the company through recruitment for permanent contracts, thesis projects and internships. The majority of professional profiles at Psb are primarily concerned with developing innovative, technologically advanced and rapidly growing skills from the recruitment and professional development of graduates with a degree in engineering or economics, even in their first experience in the workforce. If you are ready to join Psb, go to the Open Positions section and choose the position that suits you or send us your application directly.

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Work with PSB

Ways to improve with PSB Academy

Psb is always looking for new talent, paying particular attention to recent university graduates specializing in Engineering and Economics. In addition to internship opportunities and professional opportunities for experienced profiles, each year, the company recruits numerous new graduates with structured development pathways, from the following entry positions within three main areas:

Technical Field : Design Engineer, Project Engineer, Test Engineer, Quality Engineer, ict project manager, Data Scientist;
Area of ​​Operation : Assistant Production Manager; Process Engineer, Production Planner, Logistics Specialist, Lean Manufacturing and Continuous Improvement Specialist;
Personnel Areas : Buyer, controller, Treasury Specialist, sales and marketing, junior hr.

Ways to improve with PSB Academy

Human Resources

Our expert staff, who adopted the philosophy of a prudent approach to continuous improvement with human resources management, and our experience since 1976 are the most important factors of our growth. The success of the growth strategy that Psb has adopted and the restructuring project it pursues depends largely on human resources. They continue to work on improvement in recruitment, promotion, performance evaluation, career planning and training processes. While Psb continues to develop innovative products and effective solutions that increase the product standard of our customers, and to produce the best; It also aims to develop the talents of its employees with its contemporary and strategic Human Resources approaches, and to create a creative corporate culture that is always together with our teammates. Our values, business ethics, laws and “Global Cooperation Agreement” principles constitute our main starting point in the human resources approaches that will carry our company to the future.

Human Resources

Psb Company Theory

Psb has adopted a skills model for the development of its colleagues, dividing this model into 5 specific areas. It covers 24 managerial skills.

Personal responsibility
•  Reliability
•  Developing responsibility
•  Transparency
•  Sensitivity
•  Being Fair
•  Love and respect
•  Being Respectful to the Environment

•  Focus on the customer
•  Strive to achieve excellence
•  Create approval
•  Problem Solving
•  Being Innovative
•   Being Result Oriented

•  Strategic thinking
•  Innovation risk 
•  Assumption change 
•  Adaptation

• Team Work
• Effective communication
• Respect for Diversity

•    Observation 
•    Support
•    Questioning
•    Anlaysis

The company decided to outsource these skills to make its managerial know-how and foundation of career paths transparent. Each employee undergoes an evaluation after they are hired, followed by checks at each stage of the career path based on an annual analysis of results and the PSB skills model.

In each meeting between managers and employees, the results obtained during the year are analyzed, future targets are determined, improvement plans are created and future growth paths are determined.

In addition to its 24 management skills, PSB has created specific technical-professional skill systems for various functions.

Job rotation, job posting and training processes are structured according to the same criteria and help each employee best express their potential and contribution to the achievement of the organization's goals through their professional role.