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What is a hub?


Although the vehicle equipment is not clear, it works in conjunction with each other. This working process is one of the conditions necessary for the vehicles to provide a correct service and to provide safety while driving. Porya is one of the parts that provide this situation. When asked what the hub is, it is located on the vehicle as a carrier piece that is attached to the axle on the wheels of the vehicle. With the hub, we can easily understand the rotation process of the wheel in general. When we talk about the hub issue in general, we need to ask what is the hub ball in addition to the question of what is the hub. These two parts work together as a whole. For this reason, it will be of great benefit to you to know the working system of both and what they do in detail. This information will actually provide a great support for you to get to know your vehicle and you will figure out how to act in the face of situations.



What is a Hub Ball?

There is a hub ball in the middle of the wheel. This ball acts to reduce friction. The wheel system also moves on this ball. The wheel system also moves on this ball. It is also referred to as a hub bearing as a different name. Like every vehicle part, the hub ball has a certain lifespan. In the problems caused by wear, there will be a gap and noise in time. Especially if there is a hum coming from the front wheel, there is a hub failure.


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