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What Is ASR (TCS) Mean And How Does It Work


What Does ASR Mean? What Does It work?

ASR (anti slip regulator system) is an anti skid system. Some companies also named this system as TCS (Traction Control System). Companies have given different names to the anti-skid (traction control) system; (like ASR/TRC/TC/TCS). It prevents the vehicle from skidding especially on take-offs or on icy-muddy roads.

How Does the ASR System Work?

The asr system works together with the abs system. It reduces the speed of the wheel by braking the spinning wheel. This braking takes place via activators (abs brake module) under the control of the ABS electronic control unit, using the information from the wheel speed sensors and the throttle position sensor. (ABS and ASR electronic control units are in one box (if there is an ASR system).
 In order for the wheels to be braked without depressing the brake pedal, a hydraulic oil pressure must be created. The ASR pump creates pressurized brake fluid and this pressurized brake fluid is stored in the accumulator. With the solenoid valves on the ABS hydraulic module, the brake pressure is sent to the brake mechanisms of the driven wheels.


When ASR is activated, while braking the wheels, the engine torque is also reduced by the engine control unit, the injection amount is reduced, the throttle is controlled (in case of accelerating). When the coefficient of friction between the tires and the ground decreases or in case of sudden acceleration, the wheels will spin. The traction control system (ASR-TCS) prevents this by braking with the help of the ABS system. There are speed sensors on all four wheels and these sensors instantly transmit the speed of the wheel to the ECU instantly.

Actually; the work of abs when applying the brakes; The asr does it while pressing the gas - the vehicle is accelerating. That is, it prevents the wheel from slipping.
Normally, the vehicle can go uphill, but sometimes the vehicle cannot go uphill due to excessive gas and skidding. ASR prevents this and allows the vehicle to go uphill. 
Some vehicles have a button that turns off the ASR/TCS system, the driver can turn off the traction control system by pressing this button. In this case, a warning will appear on the instrument panel in the form of ASR OFF - TCS OFF.

When the ASR-TCS traction control system works, the warning light will flash on the instrument panel during operation.


What is ASR Failure?

When the ASR system malfunctions, the ASR light on the instrument panel and the ASR button light will be on continuously. In case of malfunction, the vehicle should be taken to the technical service and a fault search should be made with the diagnostic device.

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