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What Is Electronic Park Brake And How Does It Work?


Electronik Parking Brake: The electric motor in the rear wheel brake calipers is activated with the help of a button and brakes the rear wheels. Electronic braking system is placed in the rear wheel caliper. It is ensured that the vehicle is safely stationary on 30% inclined slopes.


How does the Electroin Parking Brake Work?

The system is controlled by the electronic parking control unit. When the signal comes, the working electric motor rotates, this rotation movement is transmitted to a gear mechanism by a belt (timing belt pulley). This gear mechanism (gear box) reduces the rotational speed and converts the rotational movement to thrust, pushing the brake piston to the pads and brakes to the discs.
When braking and the piston-pad rests on the disc, since the electric motor will draw a lot of current, this increase in current is measured, at this moment the current is cut off and the braking process is finished. If the electric parking brake is desired to be opened, the pin that pushes the piston forward is pulled back by making a reverse rotation and the brake is released.


The electric brake mechanism is integrated with the hydraulic brake mechanism. A pin-shaft is placed inside the hydraulic-filled brake piston, which takes the thrust from an electric motor and pushes the piston.


Parts of the Electronic Parking Brake Mechanism:


(Parts of the electronic parking brake mechanism located on the caliper)


The electronic parking brake control unit and the abs control unit manage the system together.
The electronic parking brake system receives information from the following sensors: Clutch position sensor, Electronic parking brake button, Auto Hold (hill holder) button.
The electronic parking brake system activates the following activators: Electric brake motors on the rear wheels, Electronic parking brake control light, Brake system control light, Electronic parking brake fault light, Auto hold control light.
Electronic parking brake warning lamps and their meanings:

Electronic parking brake control lamp: It lights up when the button is pressed and the brake is activated.

Brake System control lamp: It illuminates when the parking brake is applied.

Electronic parking brake fault lamp: It lights up if there is a fault in the system. You should go to service.


Auto Hold (Hill Hold Assist) Control Lamp: Located on the button, it lights up if the hill start assist system is active.

 (Operating modes may vary depending on brand and model)


With the ignition off, the parking brake can always be applied. It brakes.
To deactivate the electronic parking brake (release the brake), the ignition key must be on.
To release the brake, it is necessary to press the button while the foot is on the brake pedal.
To automatically release the parking brake: The door is closed, the seat belt is fastened, the engine is running and the driver is pressing the gas; at this moment the brake opens automatically. The auto-release time is calculated based on the slope of the ramp and the motor torque.

With the parking brake activated, the vehicle will not back up when stopping in traffic or starting on a ramp. The system will be activated automatically.

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